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The Rules:

Each adventure has been carefully constructed based on historical facts and situations. They are designed to be read a group of students. They provide a fun and exciting way for children to learn about history.


1. Read the introduction to the story you select.

2. At the end of the introduction, read the choices available. Allow the students to vote on the direction in which the story will go. The majority vote wins. Read the letter of the choice they have selected.

3. If an attack/defense situation arises and a coin toss is required, ask a student at random to call heads or tails. If the call is correct, read the WIN scenario, if not then read the LOSE scenario.

4. If a story's path leads you to an unsatisfying end, you have the option of starting over.

5. If you have any questions concerning the adventure series, email them to, or visit our website at

6. Have fun!