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A) You are too hungry to wait, so you run outside to partake of the morning meal. Your mother is pulling hot barley cakes out of the clay oven. Your mouth is watering. You pick up one of the cakes and cram it into your mouth, nearly burning your fingers. Mmmmm, delicious! Your father strolls in off the narrow street after a long morning of trading. You want to be a merchant like your father some day. It seems like an exciting lifestyle. Travelling to different city-states, trading expensive gems and metals. After all, you would be a member of the second social class. After you finish your second cake, your father unexpectedly asks you if you would be interested in joining him when he travels to the exciting city of Ur on a trading mission from your ensi or priest-ruler. The ensi of Lagash, your city-state, is known as Gudea, a wise and noble ruler. Your father awaits your decision.




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