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   B) You decide that since you will be late to class anyway, you might as well grab some breakfast and not be hungry.  “You had better be on your way.”, your mother scolds.  “You’re going to get a beating from the school master.”.  You stuff a chunk of grainy bread down your throat and head out the door.  You stroll down the paved street toward the school house.  “There’s no sense in running.”, you think to yourself.  “I’m going to be late anyway.”  You hear the students reciting phrases in Latin, then silence.  You hear the school master speaking.   As you enter the room, everyone stops and looks at you.  You feel your face turning a bright red.  The school master stops speaking, and your eyes meet.  “You know the rules.  You need to be in your seat before the school chime rings.”, he says sternly.  He pulls out a long switch and snaps it against his hand.  “Approach.”, he says, annoyed that the lesson has now been interrupted.  He whacks the switch against your back with an awful sound.  You cringe with every blow.  You see your friend Flavius, in the back row, wince as well.  You choke back the tears and take your seat.  “Now, where were we?”, the school master asks.  Flavius looks over at you and whispers, “Are you all right?”.  You nod slowly.  However, the day soon passes and the school master dismisses the class.  You see Flavius outside talking to another student. 

Do you?

C) Go talk to Flavius

D) Go straight to the aqueduct

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