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C) You quietly raise your anchor and silently row after your dinner. The ducks quacking and splashing slip into the long, swaying reeds of papyrus growing along the riverbank. You hop quickly out of your little boat and into the cluster of reeds. Your meal is nowhere in sight. A few feathers float by, so they must have been this way. You hear splashing a few feet away! "Ahh! Dinner is served!" You draw your copper knife and slowly creep nearer to the commotion. "Gotcha! Oh my . . . !!!". You found the ducks all right, going down the throat of a ravenous crocodile! You explode toward the shore with the croc close behind! You slip in the soft black mud as you scramble up the bank. Breathless you watch as the reptilian eyes glare at you from the shallows of the river. Suddenly, a you feel a sharp jab in your back. You turn around to see an old farmer holding a knotted staff. "Its the flood season. Why are you by the river? You can't farm now." You try to explain that you are a fisherman, but he doesn't seem to acknowledge the fact. "You should be at the pyramids, working for pharaoh. If you want to follow me, I'm heading for the land of Giza now."




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