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B) You continue to fish. You throw a light cloak over your shoulders to protect against the sun's angry rays. A bead of sweat trickles into your eyes temporarily blurring your vision. "Ahhh! This is worthless! ", you cry. The cool waters look more and more inviting. You slip into the refreshing flow of the Nile River. Amazing! You feel like a new person. "Who cares about fishing?", you think out loud to yourself? You feel your foot touch the river bottom. The fiery sun doesn't feel so brutal right now. "Ahh. Much better.". Suddenly you remember that the water you are in is rather deep. "How did I touch bottom?", you wonder. Panic begins to seize you! Your papyrus boat has drifted a few yards away from you. You splash and thrash around in the waves, looking for anything to hold on to! Your hands finally grasp the side of a floating log. As you pull yourself closer, you realize that the "log" is really a long reptilian creature with hungry eyes and cruel teeth! The last sight you ever see is the open jaws of a ferocious Nile crocodile.


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